Dr. Terel Newton, MD


Presentation Title

Evidence Based Medicine for the Qualifying Conditions

Dr. Terel Newton, MD, The Holistic Cannabis Centers

Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

Regenerative Medicine Consultant

Medical Cannabis and Pain Specialist


Dr. Newton will be presenting essential information for every provider who recommends medical cannabis in Florida. The objective is to provide clinicians an update on recent clinical research and empower physicians with references (Evidenced-Based Research) to support their recommendations for medical marijuana in Florida. 


Dr. Newton specializes and is experienced in trauma and injury patient evaluations, uncovering missed diagnoses, pre-anesthetic/pre-surgical evaluations, and advanced techniques in Interventional Pain Management.

Related Certifications: 

  • Medical Cannabis Recommendations: Vermont, since 2011. Florida since 2015. 
  • Medical Cannabis Dispensary Director Certification Florida (Active but not in use, until Medical Directorship of MMTCs changes)
  • Addiction Medicine (Opioid Dependence) Certification (American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry)