Dr. William J. Cole, Jr.


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High-tech Cannabinoids in Stem Cell Therapy Instead of Drugs/Surgery 

Dr. William J. Cole, Jr., The kNOw Pain Institute & Foundation


How to “decrease pain and increase function without drugs or surgery” in today’s broken healthcare system with  Hi-tech Cannabinoids and Advanced Stem Cell Therapy.


Dr. Wm. J. Cole, Jr. is the Medical Visionary CEO and President of OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine, the kNOw PAIN Institute/ Foundation, RegeneMed and RejuveMed Stem Cell Therapy Centers, and Father of Dr Mary Jane, the Most Effective CBD Solution on the market today.  Dr. Cole successfully treats acute and chronic pain with  conservative, interventional, and stem cell therapies to decrease pain and increase function, while helping to resolve the opioid crisis  that plagues this country.  Dr. Cole  believes that everybody deserves to live with less pain in better function, without addiction to narcotics or the lifelong consequences and high rate of failed surgeries.   Dr. Cole also believes the future of all medicine is in stem cell therapy and treatment with medical cannabis CBD  in order to resurrect our collapsing healthcare system, facilitated healthy workers with better quality of life,  and usher in an era of American health and wealth that will set a New Standard for the world.