Tricia Schuster, RN, RYT


Presentation Title

Cannabis for the Treatment of Cumulative PTSD

Tricia Schuster, RN, RYT, Founder and CEO, Zirit Life Mindfulness Coaching


After struggling with debilitating anxiety on an off  for over 20 years, Tricia will discuss her journey to finally finding an accurate diagnosis (Cumulative PTSD), as well as finally finding a safe and effective treatment (medical cannabis). She will also discuss the insidious nature of this diagnosis in our modern world and the importance of raising awareness about its prevalence.


Tricia has been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996 specializing in hospice and palliative care, as well as medicinal cannabis. Throughout her career as a nurse she has developed numerous, hospital-wide programs including Family Bereavement Program (2003), Palliative Care Consultation Team (2005), and Meaningful Conversations: An Advance Care Planning Program (2016). She has been involved in the medical cannabis industry as a nurse, an advocate, and a patient since it was legalized in the State of Florida in 2016. She has presented multiple times on the topic of medical cannabis as a treatment for Cumulative/Complex PTSD. Tricia is also a long-time yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. She founded Zirit Life LLC as a way to meet the mindfulness needs of her students and clients at various ages and stages of life. Tricia’s guidance is wise and insightful, as well as playful and light.

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