Stephanie Maruca, RN, CCM


Presentation Title

Improving Senior Wellness with Safe Use of Medical Cannabis

Stephanie Maruca, RN, CCM, Manager of Provider Relations for Florida, Surterra Wellness


Presentation will impart evidenced based promising practices interwoven with common sense approaches to assist the aging population on safely adding medical cannabis to their wellness regimen. Key focus on education, administration, support and follow up, in addition to discussion of studies conducted using medical cannabis in ALFs and seniors in general.


Stephanie Maruca is a registered nursing graduate from St. Petersburg College. She has 20+ years of clinical experience in a range of health care settings including: Medical-Surgical care of adults, long term care of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and Case Management of the Medicare population. Her passion lies in working with seniors, and ensuring they have access to medical cannabis as an alternative therapy.  Stephanie joined Surterra Wellness, one of the 5 original Medical Marijuana license holders in the state of Florida, prior to its first dispensary opening in 2016. Since then she has navigated thousands of patients and their physicians through Florida’s Medical Cannabis Program and will continue to push forward until cannabis is a first option for treatment, rather than a last resort.