Dr. Mike Wilkins


Presentation Title

Cannabinoid Pharmacology

Dr. Mike Wilkins, PharmD, AgeVital Pharmacy


Cannabinoid Pharmacology is designed to teach learners the mechanisms of drug action and aspects of pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetic as it relates to cannabis.

  • Discuss the mechanisms of drug action (pharmacodynamics)
  • Explain central nervous system neurotransmission
  • Describe aspects of pharmacokinetics (administration, distribution, metabolism, excretion)
  • Discuss the pharmacology of stimulants, depressants, cannabinoids, hallucinogens, antipsychotics
  • Summarize current knowledge of drug abuse disorders and addiction
  • Describe the historical use of cannabis
  • Analyze the status of and changes in public opinion regarding cannabis use
  • Discuss past and current US government cannabis-related regulations and regulatory topics


Dr. Wilkins, owner of AgeVital Pharmacy, Research and Wellness, VitalRx, and Vital life Institute, spent almost two decades of full-time study in college, gaining a wide breadth of knowledge, but he earned his PharmD at the prestigious University of Florida program which is the top pharmacy program in Florida and is perennially ranked in the top 10 nationally.  With this detailed education of chemical effects in the body, and with his additional experience in law, finance, and physics,  Dr. Wilkins has developed a passion for getting to the root of biological problems, looking for the origins of disease, the “first causes” of physical malfunction. It is his conviction that the majority of human ailments stem from various sorts of malnourishment and that our best hopes for real quality of life lie in assisting digestive efficiency and effectiveness. 

In his quest to facilitate proper absorption of our ideal nutrition, Dr. Wilkins has also become an avid proponent of cannabinoid research and development. Combining practical laboratory experience with an in-depth study of published clinical research, Dr. Wilkins has become an expert in the field of medical cannabis, extraction, and application.