Dr. Kevin Smith, MD, MPH


Presentation Title

Medical Cannabis and Workplace Impairment

Dr. Kevin Smith, MD, MPH, ProMedica


The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of circumstances and issues that need to be addressed by industry and clinical providers with regards to medical cannabis in the workplace.  Trends, injuries, impairment and acute intoxication in the workplace, with specific focus on safety-sensitive jobs and motor vehicle accidents will be addressed.


Dr. Kevin F. Smith has enjoyed a wide and varied career both on the domestic, and international levels.    After completing his MD, Dr. Smith went on to receive an MPH from Yale University, while completing residency in Occupational & Preventive Medicine at both Yale and the University of Iowa.     His Occupational Medicine specialty has seen him constantly busy in both private practice, as well as large Hospital groups and large organizations, due to the somewhat limited availability of specialists in this field.  As a Board Certified physician, his 30+ years’ experience has seen his broad skill-set coalesce into sought-after expertise.      

Fluent in Spanish and having lived in many locations worldwide including the UK, Sweden, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, Dr. Smith has also been involved in the teaching faculties of several Universities and institutes. His ability to educate a variety of medical personnel including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants alike has garnered wide respect for both technical, and practical knowledge.    Switching easily between patient one-on-one, lecturing, reviews and consulting, Dr. Smith’s dedicated commitment to being a Physician that helps others, is evident to all those who meet him.