Concurrent Session: Industry Session I



Gary Stein, MPH, Executive Director, Clarity


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Presentation #1 Title

PR/Marketing and Media in the Cannabis Industry

Andrew Felix, Cannabis News Florida


This will discuss the best marketing and pr practices for Cannabis in Florida. Also the layout of producing media in the state.


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Presentation #2 Title

Cannabis Branding:  Building, Growing, Protecting & Advertising Your Cannabis Brand

Bob Reilly, Founder & CEO, HIGHLIFE®


This presentation will take you through the basics of brand development and how to advertise and market your brand. We will take you through the process on what you should consider when implementing your branding vision for your goods and services while also understanding the value and importance of brand protection. This is especially critical in the increasingly-crowded cannabis industry which sees new brands created on a daily basis.


Bob Reilly is a native born and raised Floridian where he has resided most of his life. Bob’s family owned a 4-color printing company, so he learned at a very young age the value of great design. After college Bob worked for some of the top printing companies and advertising agencies in South Florida. Fast forward to today where he is the Founder & CEO of HIGHLIFE® Advertising Agency, Publisher of HIGHLIFE® Magazine, Florida’s Premier Marijuana Lifestyle Magazine, and Director of the HIGHLIFE®  Health & Wellness Center™. Bob is a well known figure in South Florida as a branding powerhouse with over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing where he has won 24 awards for his advertising campaigns for the top Fortune 200 brands he has had the pleasure to work with.


Presentation #3 Title

Developing a Loyalty Program that is Measurable from an ROI Perspective and Delivers Positive Financial Results for Your Business

Jeffrey Harris, Founder and CEO, springbig


Over the past few years, cannabis retailers have realized that in order to foster customer loyalty, marketing and retention strategies have become part of doing business.  While every retailer has a different clientele and business model, there is one strategy of loyalty programming that has emerged as the leader.


Mr. Jeffrey Harris is Founder and CEO at springbig. Mr. Harris Founded SHC Direct, L.L.C., and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Harris leads the management team at SHC Direct. Previously, Mr. Harris served as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Client Services of S&H Citadel, Chicago. Prior to that, he served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at S&H where he was responsible for all marketing and sales.