Eric Stevens


Eric Stevens

Director, Business Development, MJ Buddy


Eric Stevens helped launch Florida’s Medical Marijuana Yes on 2 campaign with United for Care in 2013 with John Morgan and Ben Pollara. He served in every role but settled in as the Campaign’s Finance Director from 2014-2016 The 2016 multi-million dollar statewide campaign effort passed with the highest margin of any medical marijuana question in any state ever at 71%.

He now serves as the Deputy Executive Director of Florida for Care, a non-profit(c)(4) social advocacy organization made up of the majority of those involved in Amendment 2. Florida for Care focuses on educating the public and elected officials and continues to work for smart policies for Florida’s medical marijuana system for patients, doctors, and operations based on best practices.

Before this, in addition to various his other work experience, Eric worked in his home state of Massachusetts with the Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance to help pass Question #3 for Medical Marijuana in November 2012. Eric attended the University of Miami business school in Coral Gables, where he helped found the University’s chapter of Student's for Sensible Drug Policy. He originally received an endowment at UMiami that allowed him to begin his pursuit in this field.

While residing in Miami Beach for the past five years, Eric helped push Miami Beach to become the first city in the state to decriminalize possession and Miami Dade as well become the first county before the state law passed. He also has been involved in many local discussions regarding ordinances, zoning and land use regulations related to this topic.