Colette Florido


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A Caregivers Perspective to the Benefits of Medical Cannabis as it Relates to Dementia, Stress and Pain

Colette Florido, Founder and President, CR World, Corp.


Colette will cover an array of subjects about the benefits of CBD oil.  She will speak to how she begun her company, CR World; while discovering CBD oil eased her father's dementia symptoms.  Colette will also speak to the importance of Cannabis and it's role in an active and healthy lifestyle, especially for seniors.  


Colette Florido is the founder and President of CR World, Corp. She is a native of the Chicago suburbs, who traded her snow shovel for a sand shovel relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida to launch a satellite office for Mayflower Tours, a tour operator for which she worked for over fifteen years holding titles such as Operations Manager, Director of Traveler Services and General Manager.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Spanish from Bradley University, where she met her husband with whom she has been with for almost twenty years.  She often spoke to active adult communities about enjoying life on bucket-list destinations like river cruises and national parks, she now speaks to similar groups to educate them on the benefits of the cannabis and hemp plant to promote healthy living.  CR World launched in January of 2017, a company destined to become the trusted source in health-focused hemp and cannabis products, working in a small group direct selling format  with the rapidly growing active adult and senior population.  Colette’s vision is that everyone will have access to quality hemp infused products and a trusted resource of information. It’s a natural plant with so many healthful qualities.  Using the latest in social media technology coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of the direct selling industry, CR World will become a household name in the hemp infused market.  Colette is developing a sales team driven by compassionate capitalism.    Colette has been featured in Tampa Bay Times, High Life Magazine and Tampa Bay Metro Magazine for her woman owned business as well as her contributions to the health and wellness side of the cannabis industry.   She has also been nominated for the Delivered with Heart Award given by Griswold Home Care Pinellas.     As a role-model to her two young daughters, the caregiver to her ailing father and a fierce entrepreneur, she understands life in what she describes as the panini press of the sandwich generation.    Not only is she focusing on her business she is also the current President of the Tampa Bay Chapter of SKAL International an association for travel and tourism executives.      “It’s always about finding balance. Family. Health. Finances. Life. Managing a loved one’s care through a disease is exhausting, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I’m so thankful that I have a strong husband and two amazing girls with great senses of humor to get through it all. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I get to play beach volleyball on the weekends with my family and friends, while I construct my dream job. How lucky am I?”      Connect with Colette  727-401-4223  Linked In-  Facebook-