Dr. Betty Wedman St Louis


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Full Spectrum CBD with Terpenes & Flavonoids For Medicine

Dr. Betty Wedman St Louis, PhD


Dr.  Wedman St Louis will discuss how whole plant cannabis products work synergistically to provide endocannabinoid enhancement for medicinal benefits.


Betty Wedman-St Louis, PhD. is a licensed nutritionist specializing in digestive diseases, diabetes, cancer and environmental health issues.  Dr. Wedman-St Louis has been a practicing nutrition counselor for over 40 years. Her knowledge of how the food industry influences eating habits began as she earned her B.S. in Foods & Business from University of Minnesota. Dr. Wedman-St Louis completed her MS in Nutrition at Northern Illinois University.  Her studies included the relationship between prolonged red and space flight wellness nutrient requirements. She had a private practice at Hinsdale Medical Center before completing her PhD in Nutritional & Environmental Health from The Union Institute in Cincinnati. Dr. Wedman-St Louis completed her doctoral internship at WUSF-Tampa in Multi-Media Production for distance learning and online course development.   

Dr. Wedman-St Louis is the author of numerous published articles on the most current nutrition topics including: bariatric surgery, lectin toxicity, phosphates in food, folate, Vitamin B12, seafood nutrition, alpha lipoic acid, diabetes, and Cannibis - A Clinician's Guide. She has written columns for The Hinsdale Doings, Chicago Sun Times, and the Columbia Missourian and has composed a personal health column for the Tampa Bay Times. In addition, she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on nutrition. Dr. Wedman-St Louis maintains a private practice in Pinellas Park, Florida and her website is www.betty-wedman-stlouis.com

Dr. Wedman- St Louis has been recommending cannabis use for neurology and cancer patients for over 5 years. Her Cannabis-A Clinician’s Guide was published by CRC Press in May 2018 and her second book Cannabis As Medicine will be available in September 2019.